Get out of Baby Waiting Credit!

As we held our regular warm-up talk earlier this week, an interesting idea fluttered. The fact is that everyone is really excited about the various state subsidies these days. Quickly pick up and see what you can turn to. We have now found an opportunity we have never heard before. We’ll share it quickly with you now because you can make a lot of money.


In short, the Babylon of 10 million

baby loan

As we have already written in the framework of the Family Protection Action Plan, young married women (18 to 40 years old) have the opportunity to raise up to 10 million HUF free of interest. In addition, your installment can be up to $ 50,000 a month. There are various benefits after our children are born, up to the time when the remainder of the third child is released. See the details in this article .

The point is now that we can add an extra discount of $ 10 million. We will now show you where this money is worthwhile.

Basically, this is a free-of-interest loan. This means that we can spend it on anything. We’ll show you the best solution financially!


Get it out!

Get it out!

What is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinstalling the amount taken here into our existing loan? Because it is interest-free, it is almost certainly cheaper than our existing loan. Especially if we took out more expensive credit too long ago and we have stuck with it for some reason.


Let’s look at the numbers!

baby loans

We count a case where we owe more than 10 million USD, because if we have less then we just finish it off and it’s done. Let’s say we have 20 years left on our loan and now we have $ 15 million in debt on a 7% loan. By default, we should pay $ 116,294. Now if we put in $ 10 million here. From here we have two options. If we both pay $ 116,294 plus $ 50,000 in parallel. So, instead of 240 months, you only have to repay the mortgage for up to 51 months.

Another is that we pay both for the same 20 years, but at lower monthly installments. So the loan plus the Baby Waiting Loan together is 50,000 + 38,764 USD, or 88,764 USD. We are 30 thousand USD monthly, or 7.2 million USD.

And if you use the calculator on Happycredit , you can make your credit even cheaper. Interested in such ideas? Then contact us! We will find the best financial solutions for you.

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