Payday loans for 60 days, or long-term payday loans.

We are already used to paying back payday loans up to a maximum of 30 days from the conclusion of the contract. Meanwhile, much more interesting offers appeared on the market – payday loans for 60 days. They allow you to pay back the sum borrowed in up to twice as long. This means that we have 2 months to pay the receivables. Where will we receive such offers?

Momentary for 60 days in Hypocredit

Momentary for 60 days in Hypocredit

It should not surprise us that Hypocredit, as one of the leading companies in the loan industry, tries to meet the expectations of borrowers as much as possible. Originally, he offered only 1000 zlotys, which had to be returned after a month. Over time, the proposal has evolved in a very good direction. Currently, we can take advantage of the option of borrowing the sum even three times higher than the one mentioned at the beginning, and we have up to 61 days to pay the debt. This is an extremely beneficial solution that more and more consumers are choosing. It is worth noting that when submitting an application with repayment within two months, we can still take advantage of the offer of the first free loan. For many consumers, even longer time to accumulate the necessary money without costs is a dream product. In addition, if despite favorable conditions there is a problem with timely settlement of debt, we have the opportunity to apply for a loan extension. However, in this situation we will be required to cover the standard cost of the loan and the fee for activating the service.

Instant cash payment for 60 days is available in Goodaloan

Instant cash payment for 60 days is available in SzybkaGotówka

There are also companies offering an even longer loan period than 60 days. Among them we will find a lender Goodaloan. First of all, it enables new clients to take out one of the highest amounts of free loan. We can submit the first application by up to $ 6,000 for 65 days. By deciding to use the services of this company, we are guaranteed financial support on really good terms. We do not have to worry about additional costs, because for new applicants APRC is 0%. This means that we give back exactly as much as we borrowed. Without a doubt, this is one of the most attractive offers for individual clients. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Goodaloan also does not forget about loyal borrowers, for whom it systematically provides numerous discounts, promotions and competitions.

Long-term payday loans are offered by Creditgalaga

Long-term payday loans are offered by CreditStar

We are one step away from becoming a Creditgalaga customer. All you have to do is complete and submit the appropriate application on the website. All necessary data will then be verified and the credit decision will be issued on their basis. The whole procedure is short. We will need a maximum of several minutes to complete the form. Therefore, it will certainly be a good offer for the impatient who suffers from a permanent lack of time. The bad news for new customers is that the loan period of more than a month will only be available after the third application has been submitted. Creditgalaga also does not introduce the promotion of the first free loan. However, regular borrowers have a chance of even $ 5,000 spread over 3 months, and the installments have a low interest rate. Therefore, we will not incur high costs, and this will be especially important for those who have to deal with sudden, unexpected expenditure.

Payday loan over 30 days in Tongabank

Payday loan over 30 days in Wonga

The British lender Tongabank has settled in Poland for good. He won a large group of satisfied customers in our country. This message, however, is not surprising, because a good quality offer always attracts many takers. Something absolutely unique is waiting for these people. They can become holders of a $ 1,500 loan with minimal costs. The only fee related to repayment of debt within 60 days is only $ 10. It’s really not much and everyone can cope with such a commitment. All offers described by us are proposed by the largest lenders on the network. They have a well-established market position based on experience and tradition, which is why it is worth trusting them and enjoying borrowed money for which we have up to 2 months to donate.

Below is a list of payday loans for 60 days or more. If you have already used the offer of a given lender, it is worth clicking “Submit Application” and check what amounts are offered for subsequent commitments. When we are interested in one of the offers, just use the same button and then complete the application.

Long-term payouts – how to infer?

Long-term payouts - how to infer?

Applying for long-term payday loans does not differ in any way from applying on standard terms. First, we must choose the offer we are interested in. We recommend using one of the companies described above or viewing our database of credit products. If we made the choice, we can proceed to submitting the application:

  1. First, we need to go to the lender’s website. The easiest way will be to click the “Submit Application” button next to the offer you are interested in.
  2. There should be a virtual calculator on the home page that will help us determine the parameters of the payday payday for 60 days. Usually we choose them by moving the slider to the right place or clicking the appropriate value from the drop-down list. If we made a choice, make sure we are able to meet the costs below. If so, click “Apply” or “Take a loan”.
  3. Time for step three. Now we need to focus because we have to complete the application. We will be asked to provide personal, address, contact and financial details. Recent information is also called a statement that replaces the need to submit a certificate from the workplace. After completing the required fields, let’s check if everything is correct. If so, we move on.
  4. This step involves verifying your identity. Depending on the lender you choose, we can meet the following methods: traditional transfer, transfer using the instant payment system, verification application, GIRO check (showing your ID card) or an additional phone call.
  5. Now it is the lender’s turn. According to the assumptions of responsible lending, he should analyze our creditworthiness and make decisions on this basis. However, there is nothing to worry about, because the whole process usually takes up to several minutes. The decision will be received by phone, e-mail or in the customer panel. If it is positive, the money will be delivered to us within 24 hours. Some companies guarantee a transfer even in 15 minutes!

Long-term payouts – why use them?

Long-term payouts - why use them?

According to the traditional definition, short-term loans assumed a maximum loan period of 30 days. However, as a result of the anti-usury act, which reduced non-interest costs, many companies gave up the possibility of extending their liabilities. In response to customer needs, the lenders decided to introduce long-term payday loans products. They allow repayment even after 65 days from the time of taking out the loan. As a result, as consumers, we receive more time to accumulate the resources needed, and thus the risk of late performance of contractual obligations is reduced.

In addition, long-term payday also assumes the possibility of taking advantage of the free loan promotion. This means that after taking the payday payday for 60 days, after two months we give back exactly the amount that we borrowed. Some companies also introduce the option of repayment in two installments. Thanks to this, we can adapt our home budget to upcoming expenses.

Payday loans for 60 days – who can receive them online?

Payday loans for 60 days - who can receive them online?

Payday loans for 60 days is a new offer of lenders usually addressed to both new and regular customers. The credit rules do not change significantly. As a rule, repayment is made in the form of a one-off transfer to the lender’s account. However, this solution makes it easier for us to adjust our finances to the often high commitment.

To receive payday loans for 60 days for free, you must use the offer for the first time. However, still not all lenders provide such a product, so you should get acquainted with the details of the product in advance.

Instant pay for 60 days for free guarantees no additional costs. By borrowing $ 1,000 for two months, after the loan period has expired we pay exactly $ 1,000. However, deciding on such a commitment, we must be sure that our financial situation will allow us to accumulate the necessary funds in such a short time. Otherwise, standard loan costs and fees for exceeding the agreed deadline will be imposed. What conditions do we have to meet in order to be able to use our 60 day payday loan?

Firstly, the 60-day payday assumes that each applicant is at least 18 years old and has full legal capacity. Some companies introduce higher age limits, however, this will normally be required to reach the age of majority. Secondly, the sale of credit products is intended for Polish citizens or residents, i.e. people residing in the country. You will also need a valid ID card, so you should check its validity before applying. Thirdly, the payday payday of 60 days – like any other commitment – requires the applicant to have a regular source of income to enable timely repayment. Fourthly, most lenders expect their clients to have no negative entries in the BIK and BIG databases, i.e. simply a positive credit history. It is also worth remembering that when applying for payday loans over the internet for 60 days, you will need to have an active phone number, email address and your own bank account.

If you meet all these requirements, we invite you to familiarize yourself with offers other than payday loans for 60 days, which are also available in our database.

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